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These are links to products and services that I highly recommend AND use. I do get a percentage of the purchases you make.

Readeo – Readeo’s BookChat gives families a way to spend quality time together, even when they’re apart. We are passionate about growing our library with high-quality books that educate, entertain, and encourage little ones to let their imaginations run wild. Click HERE to select the plan that works for you and start your FREE 14 day trial period today!

Adulting 101 – My good friend James Devine has created a unique and enjoyable course for pre-teens and teens. This course, Adulting 101 uses small bite-sized videos to teach or reinforce some of the basics of life. As James says, “You can learn a lot at school, but there are so many things we DON’T learn at school but are important to living life well. Not only is this course informative, but it is also entertaining and to the point. You’ll learn the following and more…”

How To Make a Phone CallHow To Sew on a Button

How to Apologize (and how to accept an apology)

How To Clean (bathroom, kitchen, fridge, clothes…)

How To Write a Thank You Note (and how often)

How To Cook

How To Make a Decision

To gift this $39.99 course to your children or grandchildren, click HERE and enter the promotion code CoolGrandPa to receive 30% off the cost of this course. If this course isn’t everything that you thought it would be, there is a no-questions, 30-day money-back guarantee.