EP – 102 Bullying is a Tangled Ball

Our conversation with Susan Raisch

Susan Raisch joins our conversation today about bullying and how grandparents can be a resource in identifying and resolving children dealing with bullying. We discuss the difference between what is just a bad interaction and what experiences are actual bullying encounters.

Susan explains that there are three main points to bullying vs. a bad interaction with another youth or adult. Those three main points are:

  1. Is the interaction intentional?
  2. Is the exchange repeated?
  3. Does the interaction create an imbalance of power?

We discuss how grandparents can be an important resource in identifying when a grandchild is being bullied by communicating with the grandchild and being the trusted adult that the grandchild needs in their life. More than half of all children involved with bullying do not tell an adult about the challenge they are facing. Susan talks about how listening is the most effective action that grandparents can do when identifying and dealing with children being bullied.

You will want to listen to this critical conversation several times to digest all the great information Susan shares about bullying.

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EP – 22 Learning about a strong relationship with Adrienne’s Grandfather

My conversation with Adrienne Davis

In this conversation, we are learning about a strong relationship with Adrienne’s grandfather. Adrienne sits down with me to discuss how she came to live with her grandfather starting at the age of one year old.

Adrienne walks us through how her grandfather helped to raise her while her mom was driving a truck on national and regional routes. We learn how important it is that when grandfathers share little things like playing checkers or pulling a youngster in a wagon while cutting the grass. Adrienne shares that those seemingly little activities allow grandchildren to both enjoy the moment but build a connection with their Cool Grandpas.

We also get into how Adrienne’s grandfather protected and guided her through challenging experiences in her middle and high school years including being expelled. Adrienne’s grandfather seemed to know just what was needed at the moment to help Adrienne through trials and troubling circumstances.

Through all the years, Adrienne was able to maintain a bond with her grandfather that resulted in them having a loving relationship through his declining years. Although that bond was not always the strongest in terms of being physically close, the bond was powerful enough that his recall of who she was, stayed with him as connections with others drifted from his mind.

You will be richly rewarded by listening to this loving tribute by a granddaughter for her grandfather.

Grandpa’s, listen to how the little things that Adrienne’s grandfather did help to guide and set a direction with Adrienne so that she can use some of the same activities with her work as Forest Therapy Guide. You can check out what Adrienne is doing as a Forest Therapy Guide by clicking on their Facebook page HERE.

Below is the list that Adrienne share with me on our conversation.