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EP – 144 Being A Storyteller

EP – 144 Being A Storyteller

Our conversation with Debra Weller Debra Weller, a professional storyteller and teacher joins us to talk about her grandfathers AND how we can become entertaining storytellers. We discuss the influence of Debra's grandfathers, Poppy and Grandpa Joe. Each grandfather...

EP – 143 You Can Choose Who You Want To Be

EP – 143 You Can Choose Who You Want To Be

Our conversation with Daniel Crandall This conversation with Daniel Crandall is an entertaining discussion about how his grandfathers chose to become better men than perhaps circumstances would have predicted. It is incredible to learn how Daniel's grandfathers had...

EP – 142 Older Job Seekers

EP – 142 Older Job Seekers

Our monthly one on one conversation This month, I discuss some thoughts about being an older job hunter. You might be looking for work because of burnout, no further advancement opportunities, or layoffs. Whatever your particular case may be, we have repeatedly seen...

My Grandpa’s Grandpa

When it is time for bed, Charlie’s grandpa tucks Charlie in. Charlie asks his grandpa many questions about his grandpa’s grandpa. Charlie’s grandpa shares a magical moment as he introduces Charlie to his great-grandpa through fun memories.


This is my children’s book that was created to entertain and inspire conversations about other family members that the children may not have had the opportunity to have met. – TO CELEBRATE FATHER’S DAY, I AM OFFERING A LIMITED-TIME DISCOUNT OF 20% FOR “MY GRANDPA’S GRANDPA”



This site is for new and seasoned grandpas. No one threw us an instruction manual on how to do this job, so let’s create one together! You will find meaningful messages of hope, helpful tips, and venting about the role of being a grandpa. The most important thing to remember is that no matter where you are in the journey…


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