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Podcast Offer

I am here to help you and your family create a totally unique gift for your Cool Grandpa…a podcast all about HIM!

If your father/grandfather has all the ties, socks, and golf balls he can wear and hit, this gift is perfect that will truly last a lifetime.

A podcast episode about your father/grandfather would be a great way to tell the Cool Grandpa in your family’s life how much he means to you and your family.

What we will do, is set up a remote call with as many participants as you would like where each person can briefly introduce themselves. I will then start asking questions about topics we agree to during our pre-show conference call.

Using the format of a podcast/interview session with the family is a fun and easy way to get people talking about their Cool Grandpa. This fun conversation provides a resulting in a fun conversation that can be played over and over again by the participants and other family and friends.

If your family is also part of the growing family history movement, your family podcast becomes a snapshot of your family. This recorded conversation will be a fantastic gift that you, your family members, and your Cool Grandpa can enjoy for years to come and share with future generations as well.

What you can expect with this custom podcast:

  • A pre-call discussion about the podcast setup where we review the topics and questions that YOU want to highlight for the recording.
  • One 45-minute hosted remote call to record your personal podcast
  • Editing of your recorded conversation
  • Delivery of your podcast audio file via DropBox (Creating a CD is also an option)
I am offering this unique experience for $267

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