My Guest Spots


The Grand Life

I was recently on The Grand Life Podcast with Emily and Mike Morgan. We talk about what it is to be a ‘Cool Grandpa’ and how EVERYONE can be cool if they choose to be. Click Here to listen to our awesome conversation.

Really! I am A Grandparent

I chat with James Lott Jr. about being a Grandfather.

Click HERE to see my interview with James Lott Jr. on his show “Really! I am A Grandparent”


To anyone with family and friends who live far from them, staying in touch can be challenging. On top of that, trying to build new relationships with grandchildren, cousins, nieces, and nephews can seem daunting. Building new relationships with younger family members is challenging because we sometimes don’t know HOW to connect.

Click HERE to read my blog post for Peekabond

Vinnie Tortorich

Vinnie and I talk about The Cool Grandpa Podcast, my NSNG® success, flipping the health switch with NSNG®, kayaking, and more.

Click HERE to hear my conversation with Fitness Expert Vinnie Tortorich

The Long Distance Grandparent

I enjoy this role of grandfather, even if I do not live near my kids and grandkids. I never lived near my grandfather growing up, so this long-distance grandparent and grandchild thing is what I know.

Click HERE to read my guest blog for The Long Distance Grandparent website.

Small Town Big Church

I chat with Jon Sanders about honoring the Cool Grandpas in your church.

Click HERE for my interview on Jon Sanders podcast Small Town Big Church

More Than Grand

Instead of quietly going about our business and being awesome, let’s be active and intentional about what we do and how we do it. Our grandkids are worth it, so say it loud and say it proud, I’M A COOL GRANDPA!

Click HERE to read my guest blog for the More Than Grand grandparents website.