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Here is a listing of my guest appearances and postings

Steve Owen’s has been a mentor and a friend since I started my podcast. I was lucky to be on his fantastic show, Fascination Street. Clink on this LINK to hear our conversation.

Even though I am not retired (yet), I had a great time talking with Cindy and Curt on their AdventuRetired podcast. You can look for my podcast, The Cool Grandpa!, episode 85 using this LINK.

I had a blast being on Mike Van Pelt’s True Man Podcast. You can also check us out on YouTube using this link:

I was recently on The Grand Life Podcast with Emily and Mike Morgan. Click Here to listen to our awesome conversation.

Check out my great conversation at The Brotherhood of Fatherhood by clicking on this LINK.

I had a blast being on the Adventures with Grammy Podcast. Carolyn Berry is an awesome Grammy who talks about adventures you can have with your grandchildren. You can listen to this fun conversation by clicking on this LINK.

Here is a fun article I wrote for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The article is called, “How to be a better grandpa.” You can read this article by clicking on this LINK.

Click HERE to read my blog post for Peekabond

Click HERE to read my guest blog for The Long Distance Grandparent website

Click HERE to read my guest blog for the More Than Grand grandparents website

Click HERE to see my interview with James Lott Jr. on his show “Really! I am A Grandparent”

Click HERE to hear my conversation with Fitness Expert Vinnie Tortorich

Click HERE for my interview on Jon Sanders podcast Small Town Big Church

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