EP – 74 Career Meets Purpose

Our conversation with Greg Vance

Greg Vance joins us again to discuss job hunting, career management, and finding work that has purpose and meaning in our middle to later years.

Greg is a successful and sought-after coach who has been where many of us are currently. He has been in a position that paid well but was uninspiring. After working with renowned (and former guest of the show) career coach, Dan Miller, Greg set out to help other people find profoundly satisfying work. You know, the kind of work where you can’t wait for Monday to come around so that you can take your strengths and dive into purposeful work.

You will be sure to enjoy this conversation and learn a lot from Greg’s experience. Also, think about a friend who could use a bit of encouragement and valuable information about finding work and share this valuable resource.

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Greg’s Links

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Click HERE to listen to our good friend Dave Wadsworth’s Cool Grandpa episode.

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MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses)

Click HERE for a good article about MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses). This is an older but still relevant article.

Click HERE for a newer list with similar names.

Click HERE to access Courrsera, a very popular MOOC

Click HERE to access Udemy. There are many paid AND free courses on this site.

Click HERE to access DataCamp. DataCamp is supper popular for data training. Some of the largest IT companies use DataCamp.


Click HERE to check out Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance.

Click HERE to order the book: 48 Days; To the Work You Love


EP 15 – A 2yr old’s annual review and memories with my grandpa

My Personal Check in with you and I made two new friends…alright!

I am checking in with you in this episode. We discuss my recent visit with my new granddaughter and how my wife was in heaven by getting to hold and take care of a newborn. I go into some detail about conducting my annual review with my 2 yr. old grandson. (We still have some things to work on before his 3 yr. review)

You and I sit down and you let me share some fond memories of my cool grandpa and what he meant to me and my family. I also share a story that was one of those “mom and grandma don’t need to know” stories. Those “don’t tell mom” stories somehow are the ones that stick in your memory the longest. I don’t know why but they do.

I was able to make TWO NEW FRIENDS in the podcasting universe who have been supportive and just great all-around guys.

I met Dean Showalter through Dan Miller’s 48 Days community. Dean has a fun podcast about owning and working on small piston aircraft. Even if you don’t own or work on small aircraft, Dean has some fun and interesting stories that anyone will enjoy. You can find Dean’s podcast here: http://airplaneownermaintenance.com/

I met Steve Owens by just reaching out to him after I heard his interview on Vinnie Tortorich’s podcast about health and nutrition.  Steve has an awesome podcast called Fascination Street. Steve’s podcast centers on drawing out each guest’s powerful and interesting personal story.  Some guests you will know by name and others are fantastic people that you will meet for the first time on Steve’s show. Steve’s podcast can be found here: https://fascinationstreetpod.com/

EP 14 How to live to 107 and other life lessons

My fun conversation with Diana Bader

This fun episode is another conversation with a granddaughter of two COOL GRANDPAS. My awesome friend Diana shares her memories of Big Jack and Grandpa. We discuss how Diana learned first hand how important it is to be able to pivot in life when challenges and opportunities are presented to you.

We also discuss how her relationship with her grandpa manifested itself by him calling Diana in college to celebrate his hole in one while he was in his 80’s.

Diana also shares with us the list that she and her grandfather put together on how to live to be 107. (See Below)

My good friend Diana can be reached on Face Book at https://www.facebook.com/Positively-Brilliant-Solutions-101075101556214

She can also be found at www.positively-brilliant.com

EP 13 – A cool teacher dedicated to helping young people succeed

My conversation with James Divine

In this conversation, James and I discuss his background as a member of the US Army Band, marring his high school sweetheart and being a cool grandpa to six grandchildren. 

James and I also dive into his work as a speaker, coach, and content creator. We both share how we connected through Dan Miller’s’ 48days community and how we are continuing to grow our interests, skills, and passions while being cool grandpas.

James has made a very generous offer of 50% off his course, Adulting 101: Practical, social, and emotional skills every young person should know. That can be accessed at www.jamesdivine.net/101free

When you check out this course and like what you see, at the check out simply enter the code “grandpa” to receive your 50% off discount.

If you would like to learn more about James and the awesome work he is doing to help young people learn the skills to become successful adults, you can find him at www. jamesdivine.net, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/james.divine.5494 on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/divinejames

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