Ep – 109 The Grand Life

Our conversation with Emily and Mike Morgan

Emily and Mike Morgan stop by to discuss their experience as grandparents AND podcasters. This is a first for The Cool Grandpa Podcast in that we simultaneously have a grandmother and a grandfather on the show.

Emily and Mike discuss their reactions to learning that they would become grandparents. We also talk about their different grandparenting styles and how they offer value and balance to their grandchildren. As the discussion progresses, we learn how Mike and Emily found their way into radio and eventually podcasting.

Mike and Emily share how The Grand Life podcast has changed and developed over the years, including the inspiration for the current format of the podcast. This is a fun conversation with an interesting and engaging set of grandparents. You will have a blast joining in and listening to this fun conversation.

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EP – 100th Episode

Our time to catch up and celebrate

Well, it was bound to happen. This is my 100th episode of The Cool Grandpa Podcast!

In trying to think about what to do for my 100th show, I thought about putting together a collection of stories from past interviews. I had even thought about making the whole show just kind of a party by having some of the previous guests on to chat about where they are now in their Grandpa journey or what they have learned since our last conversation.

Neither of those other options seemed right to me, so I thought I would invite my good friend, Russell Wynne, to the show to interview me. I thought this would be a good way to catch new listeners on how and why I started the podcast. It would also let the audience know more about my road map for this Cool Granpa website and The Cool Grandpa podcast.

If you have been a long-time sufferer…er I mean, listener, thank you for your patience and support. If you are a newer listener, thanks for joining our fun and informative conversation.

I have included links below to Russell’s episode. I have also included links to Steve Owen’s and Erik K Johnson’s websites. I encourage you to check out their podcasts and to reach out to Erik if you are thinking of starting a podcast or if you could use some help in fine-tuning your existing podcast.

Once again, thank you to each of the podcast listeners and especially to all the guests I have had on the show. YOUR support and encouragement are what have made this journey so wonderful.

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EP – 41 The Grand Project

My conversation with Kitty Janvirn

Kitty Janvirn is a young woman who took a school assignment, had a passion for history, and created a podcast to capture the story of her grandparents and other grandparents. In our conversation, we learn about her mother’s father, Paul Own who to Kitty, her brothers, and her cousins is simply known as Doc. We learn that Doc was the town Pharmacist and also enjoyed getting down on his hands and knees when the grandkids were over to play ‘Monster’ and chase them all about the house. (No doubt to grandma and mom’s chagrin when they were trying to get the kids to go to bed.)

Kitty also shares tender stories about her father’s dad, Bob Janvirn. Bob is known to his grandchildren as Grandpa. We discuss how Kitty is being intentional with connecting and communicating with her Grandpa. We learn that Grandpa and that relationship has been very consistent over the years and how he enjoys working on technical and mechanical projects.

We get into the background of how and why Kitty started her project, The Grand Project. What is great about Kitty’s project is that she is not just collecting her family’s history but reaching out to other older people to gather their fascinating stories including the story of the first woman to play Little League Baseball.

Be sure to check out the links to Kitty’s projects below. Reach to her and let her know how much you enjoyed this conversation.

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The Grand Project – Kitty’s website

The Grand Project – Kitty’s Instagram site

[email protected] – Kitty’s email. Reach out and say hello.

EP – 33 Life is short, don’t waste the moment

My conversation with Marc Mawhinney

Marc Mawhinney sits down and has a fun discussion about his grandfather, George Mawhinney, and growing up in Atlantic Canada. Marc’s grandfather was a fisherman and hardworking guy that taught Marc and Matt (Marc’s twin) how to work hard and love baseball.

Marc shares great stories about the connection that baseball has between family members and communities of fans. Through all the up-and-down years that George experienced with the Toronto Blue Jays, we learn that he could live to see the Blue Jays win back-to-back World Series. In this episode, you get to hear a couple of guys talk about the connection that sports have and how the last year of sports with Covid disrupted those connections.

We hear how George named his fishing boat, Mathew and Marc, after his first two grandchildren and how that made Marc feel honored in that way. Marc also talks about how he pulled a ball in his family’s field and busted a window at his grandfather’s house. True to his nature, Grandfather didn’t scold the boys but just chalked it up to boys playing ball. Marc also discusses how his grandfather would take them snowmobiling, and he tells us of a certain race that he, his father, grandfather, and brother took part in. (Don’t inform Marc’s insurance agent about Marc’s street racing past.)

Marc shares with us the story of Marc’s mother prompting Matt and Marc to go over to their grandfather’s garage to say and see what he was doing. Marc talks about how after going over to see his grandfather, his grandfather George was in the hospital the next day and passed away just a few days later. Marc’s grandfather’s passing hit him and his family hard. Years later, Marc used the anniversary of his grandfather’s passing to push himself to launch his daily podcast, Natural Born Coaches, on November 17, 2014.

You will enjoy the interesting and loving stories that Marc has of his grandfather and the impact of his grandfather on his life.

To learn more about Marc and his work with helping people become profitable coaching businesses, check out the below links. You might also want to follow Marc on Facebook to enjoy his “dad jokes” and puns.


Natural Born Coaches – website

The Coaching Jungle – Facebook Group

Marc Mawhinney – Marc’s Facebook Page