My Grandpa’s Grandpa

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This is my children’s book, created to entertain and inspire conversations about other family members that the children may not have had the opportunity to meet.



When it is time for bed, Charlie’s grandpa tucks Charlie in. Charlie asks his grandpa many questions about his grandpa’s grandpa. Charlie’s grandpa shares a magical moment as he introduces Charlie to his great-grandpa through fun memories.


5 reviews for My Grandpa’s Grandpa

  1. Greg (verified owner)

    The curiosity of our children keeps us on our toes in explaining different aspects of life to them. Where they came from beyond Mom & Dad and Grandma & Grandpa is usually not discussed much. This book helps launch this subject, but more importantly, it starts kids thinking about the generations before them. This is absolutely a fantastic book to introducing your kids and grandkids to who you are. I highly recommend it.

    Five Stars!

    Gramps Jeffrey “I Don’t Want To Turn 3”

    My friend Greg Payne cares about grandfathering, and spends a lot of time and effort helping grandpa’s be better at that important job. This lovely children’s’story, besides being fun, teaches the lesson that linking children not only to their grandparents, but to their grandparents grandparents is healthy and good for all 5 generations.

    Richard Eyre, author of Being a Proactive Grandfather and creator and teacher of

    Greg Payne has written an entertaining and illuminating Children’s Book.  Reading it reminded me of the superhero “origin story” movies with the young boy’s grandpa telling Charlie about his own grandfather.  The story illustrates how elders sharing family history with their grandkids builds and strengthens bridges between the generations.  Such bonds are especially important when families are often separated by distance these days.  This grandfather gives “My Grandpa’s Grandpa” 5 Stars and Highly Recommends it!

    Frank Pomata

    A warm-hearted story that reveals how generations are linked in ways we sometimes don’t realize. Greg Payne’s book, My Grandpa’s Grandpa, is a perfect springboard for sharing your own family stories with your grandchild. And sharing those stories is an important part of what grandparents do!

    DeeDee Moore, founder of

    I love how this book incorporates 4 generations and that it is grandpa telling the little one about his grandpa. The illustrations are really engaging with lots of things to point to and notice for little readers. Best of all, it is sure to provoke questions about your own family members. This would make a great gift for a grandpa to read his grandchild!

    Dr. Kerry Byrne, founder of The Long Distance Grandparent

    Grandparenting is about connecting with grandchildren, helping them understand who they are, and where they fit in their families, and lovingly responding to their questions about life. Greg does a masterful job of creating an engaging story for children about a grandpa—who he was, what he liked, and what he contributed. Best of all, the book provides opportunities for grandfathers and others to enjoy the companionship of a grandchild as they read a story about an appealing and talented grandpa.

    M. Winston Egan, Ph.D.
    Great-grandfather, Teacher, and Co-Author of Grandparenting on Purpose

    Grandpas don’t get enough time in the spotlight. This delightful, colorfully illustrated book is a welcome addition and would make a wonderful gift for a new grandpa. Charlie’s grandpa shares vivid memories of his own grandpa with his grandson and continues the legacy of building a close bond with this new generation. The detailed illustrations make this book one you can read over and over again while reminiscing about your own grandparents.

    Donne Davis, GaGa Sisterhood

  2. Emily-Jane Hills Orford (verified owner)

    Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite

    Do you have a special grandparent whom you enjoy spending time with? Charlie loves his grandpa. When his grandparents come to visit, Charlie is suddenly curious about his grandpa’s grandpa. How many greats would that make this great-grandpa? When Grandpa tucks him in for the night, Charlie asks him more about his grandpa. “Did your grandpa play sports like me?” “What did he look like?” And “Did your grandpa work on computers like you do?” Charlie was most intrigued about his grandpa’s grandpa. What questions would you ask your grandpa about his grandpa? Did you know that you can learn a lot about history by talking to your elders?

    Greg Payne’s picture book My Grandpa’s Grandpa is a clever way to teach young readers about family history. Through question and answer, a conversation between Charlie and his grandpa, the reader will learn along with Charlie what one of his ancestors did, both as a child and as a grown man. The author also slips in important tips about showing respect for one’s elders when Charlie’s grandpa scolds Charlie about how he talked to his mom. The illustrations are intriguing and fun, allowing the young reader to visualize the special bond between Charlie and his grandpa. Sharing family stories might be on the decline, but they don’t have to be and this is a great way to open up discussion between young readers and their parents and grandparents. It’s important to know our roots and how our ancestors shaped the life we lead now.

  3. Pikasho Deka (verified owner)

    Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

    Everyone grows up hearing stories from their grandparents when they were children. My Grandpa’s Grandpa is a children’s picture book about a child just like that. Written by Greg Payne, with some beautifully drawn illustrations by Narayan Baidya, the book follows an adorable child named Charlie. It’s been a while since Charlie’s grandparents visited his house. But now, with their arrival, he is more excited than ever to wrestle with his grandpa and listen to his stories. When it’s time for bed, Charlie asks his grandfather to tell some stories about his grandfather. Soon, Grandpa begins to tell stories from his childhood, stories he had heard from his grandfather, and how he grew up on a farm and helped train pilots during the Great War.

    It’s a bit bewildering to think that even our grandparents used to have grandparents when they were children. My Grandpa’s Grandpa is a wholesome children’s book that delves into that very idea. Author Greg Payne tells a heartfelt tale about a young boy listening to his grandfather’s stories. The illustrations are the icing on the cake as they bring the characters out of the pages, adding life and color. Charlie is a sweet child and his relationship with his grandfather is bound to tug at your heartstrings. Payne’s writing is concise and engaging and you will find yourself glued to the pages. I loved reading it and highly recommend it to parents to introduce to their children.

  4. Debbie Jackson (verified owner)

    LOVED IT! It gave me a giggle when to see the wallet with an old fashioned picture in it. The illustrations supported the words in such a magical way, that it was surprising and I couldn’t wait to turn the page to see how the next piece would be depicted. I was given a free copy of the book to review, but ended up buying it.
    It made me think of my own dad. Wonderful job!

  5. Nino Lobiladze (verified owner)

    In early childhood, our grandparents are our best friends and confidants. A boy named Charlie is no exception, for he has a wonderful Grandpa who visits him often. They play together and even pretend to wrestle. Charlie loves and respects his Grandpa. He willingly apologizes after being a little rude to his Mom, as Grandpa urges him to be more polite. Grandpa used to tell Charlie interesting stories. On this occasion, he answers the boy’s questions about his own Grandpa. Charlie was eager to know what his Grandpa’s Grandpa looked like, what his childhood was like, whether he loved sports, and what he did after finishing school. My Grandpa’s Grandpa by Greg Payne is a heartwarming read for children from four to ten years of age and those adults who love and miss their grandparents.

    My Grandpa’s Grandpa is full of kindness and wisdom passed down from generation to generation. Greg Payne showed the whole epoch in this little book, even mentioning “a great war,” when Charlie’s grandpa’s grandpa participated as a flying instructor. The book becomes an unorthodox educational medium for young readers. Every page of the story depicts the love that connects generations; Charlie’s Grandpa gives him important guidance at the end. I liked the beautiful and vivid illustrations by the talented Narayan Baidya. They complement this marvelous story in a loving and even humorous way. Greg Payne’s exceptional writing style showed that life was difficult for Charlie’s Grandpa’s Grandpa, but he cared about those around him and loved his family deeply, setting an example for Charlie and the readers of this fascinating book.

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