EP – 180 Balancing Selfish and Selfless Motives

In this one-on-one conversation, I want to discuss grandparents’ frustrations when things don’t go as planned with their grandkids. I also want to explore the concept of having selfish and selfless motives in our actions and how these coexist. 

When things don’t go our way, I think there is an opportunity to detach from the situation and analyze why it didn’t work out. I suggest you ask yourself a few questions: Why didn’t the activity go as planned? Did I communicate my expectations for the activity and those of everyone else? Did I put more importance on the activity than everyone else?

When you step back and review an activity that didn’t go just right, you will see that you were perhaps more invested in the outcome because of your desires than the other participants were. This doesn’t mean that you were or are wrong to be hurt, but it might help to have this review process to understand that the activity meant more to you. Having that understanding can help identify where the hurt is coming from.


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