EP – 106 Grandmas 2.0

Our conversation with Dr. Marsha McLean

Hold on to your hats! Dr. Marsha McLean is bringing fun and energy to this week’s conversation. Marsha is talking to us about how she initially was reluctant to have the title of Grandma. Why? Because Grandmothers traditionally have seemed very old and normally not in the best physical health. Marsha soon embraced her role as Grandma AND, as a result, created Grandmas 2.0 and wouldn’t change a thing.

The purpose of Grandmas 2.0 is to help grandmas redefine, realign, and redesign their lives. A 2.0 Grandma is not like the grandmas of the past. 2.0 Grandmas focus on living a healthy lifestyle. They love their grandchildren but want to make sure they live their best life.

As Marsha defines it, living your best life is about being healthy, being well; physically and mentally, being fashionable, being beautiful inside and out, and being financially and technologically fit as well.

We have an absolute blast talking and exploring the Grand Trips that Marsha and her husband take the grandchildren on. They use Grand Trips to help the grandchildren plan and execute road trips and figure out the budget to include money for play and money for the trip.

Marsha embraces the notation of best put down by poet Dylan Thomas:

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

This is not to say that Marsha is not happy to be a grandmother and aging, but rather, Marsha is the tip of the spear in helping women as they become a grandmother to CHOOSE how they want to embrace their role AND define how they want to live their life.

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EP – 80 The GaGa Sisterhood

Our conversation with Donne Davis

This week’s guest is Donne Davis. Donne started the GaGa Sisterhood group to bring inspiration, support, and tools to grandmothers worldwide. Donne became a grandmother in 2003, and for over nineteen years, she has been on a mission to connect with other grandmas and explore the evolving role of being a grandmother.

Donne and I start our conversation by discussing her experience in becoming a grandmother and its impact on her life. Donne explains that when the midwife held up her first granddaughter, Donne was GaGa for that grandchild and has been committed to her grandchildren ever since.

We also dive into how the role of being a grandmother and a grandfather has changed in a short time. Donne and I agree that loving and supporting our grandchildren starts with loving and supporting their parents. Both of us agree that the parents often get left out of the grandparent/ grandchild relationship equation.

Donne was motivated to write a book for grandmothers after realizing the relationship with the grandchild’s parents can present challenges in understanding each other’s perspectives. Her book is titled: “When Being a Grandma Isn’t So Grand: 4 Keys to L.O.V.E. your Grandchild’s Parents“.

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