EP – 85 Volunteering and Mentoring

Our conversation with Ben Manny

Ben Manny is an engaged grandpa, AND he is an engaged volunteer. This week, I discuss how grandfathers can support their community but mainly the children and young adults in their community.

We start our conversation with Ben discussing how he is an engaged and supportive grandfather. Ben shares with us how he doesn’t let being a long way away from his grandchildren stop him from being the mentor and coach they need but always leaves plenty of room for fun and games.

Ben has been an active volunteer with youth and his community for years now. He has been a board member of SAGE (link below) since 2020. He has also taken advantage of his engineering background to be a state judge for a national youth robotics competition and then coach a neighborhood LEGO robotics team. We talk about how important it is that older men find ways to coach or mentor youth in different settings.

Check out the links below to the different groups that we discussed. You might find that one of these organizations would be a good fit for you to volunteer with.

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