EP – 120 The Year of Adventure

This is our monthly one-on-one conversation.

The Cool Grandpa Podcast

What adventures have you been on lately? Do you plan adventures for yourself? How about adventures with the grandchildren?

This conversation is about the importance of having adventures and some ideas for adventures with the grandchildren.

Using the word adventure creates vivid pictures about having an experience that is out of the ordinary AND something that could involve a little bit of risk. Our young grandchildren understand adventures from the point of view of the cartoons they watch and the stories that they hear and read. They get that adventures are something special and fun. So, knowing this, let’s use having adventures in our language when planning a unique outing or experience with our young and older grandchildren.

In this episode, I share some tips and ideas for adventures with different-aged grandchildren. I also share the importance of really “selling” your upcoming activity. We also talk about how not every interaction with the grandchildren needs to be an adventure but rather, the adventure should really be created as a unique experience that you have once or twice a year (if that cadence works for you and your circumstances).

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