EP – 188 The First Grandfather Cracker Barrel

This week’s episode is a round table or cracker barrel discussion for The Cool Grandpa Podcast. The term cracker barrel comes from when, primarily, men would gather in a country store and eat saltine crackers out of a wooden barrel while talking about the weather, news, gossip, etc. I thought this description fits rather well to get a great group of guys together to talk about Grandpa stuff. In this episode, we have the following guests, who comprise our august body: Frank Pomata, who joins us from Long Island. James Lott Jr. represents Los Angeles (and Brooklyn). Neil Taft is from Leland, North Carolina, and Winn Egan joins us from Salt Lake City.

Each of these men joins us with various levels of experience and expertise in being a grandfather and promoting the importance of grandfathers in the lives of our grandchildren and communities. This exercise is an enjoyable way to share insights, question our roles, and, most importantly, be able to suggest to each other how we can all be more loving and supportive of the grandchildren in our lives.

During our discussion, we discuss the following subjects:

  • “What do grandchildren want and need?” – Winn Egan
  • “What have you learned from your grandchildren?” – Frank Pomata
  • “Creating a lasting, meaningful connection” – Neil Taft
  • “Watching your kids…parent! How do you handle their style vs your style?” – James Lott Jr

You will enjoy our fun and almost instant connection as we focus on how grandfathers can support our grandchildren, our adult children, and their spouses. I have included links below for the episodes each of these men has appeared in as one-on-one guests and how you can connect with James, Frank, Neil, and Winn.

Please share this conversation with friends and family who will enjoy hearing about these subjects and these gentlemen’s wisdom.


Here is the link to the episode that I recorded with Winn: https://cool-grandpa.us/2022/07/ep-89-being-an-example/

A great way to connect with Winn is by reading his fantastic blog, “Grandparenting on Purpose,” which you can find at this link: https://www.grandparentingonpurpose.com/blog.

If you would like to order his book, you can do so by clicking this link: https://www.amazon.com/Grandparenting-Purpose-Activities-Traditions-Grandchildren/dp/1949165256?ccs_id=622be96c-7e23-4cf2-891b-c3c9326180b8

Here is the link for the latest episode that I had with Frank Pomata: https://cool-grandpa.us/2023/05/ep-130-permission-to-be-creative/

Frank would also like to connect with you on LinkedIn, and you can find his profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/frankpomata/

Click on this link to listen to my latest podcast with James Lott, Jr.: https://cool-grandpa.us/2022/09/ep-96-being-a-role-model/.

James “Popa Jamie” Lott, Jr. can be found at JLJ Media: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJbunerNsVDOMLCrInkAzow.

You can subscribe to the “Really! I’m A Grandparent” podcast on YouTube and other podcast service providers: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=really!+i%27m+a+grandparent.

James Lott Jr’s other website is https://alottofhelp.wordpress.com/

You can read Neil’s blog at: https://www.caringgrandparents.com/

If you would like to order Neil’s book, “Good To Great Grandparenting,” you can do so by clicking HERE

I invite you to join me at Grandparents Week by clicking this link: https://training.grandparentsacademy.com/a/2147832178/ikxv5HFd.

If you want to watch this conversation on YouTube, click on this link: https://youtu.be/dAxdwOb16E8.

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