EP – 73 Purposeful Work and Job Crafting

Our conversation with Rebecca Fraser-Thill

In this week’s conversation, Rebecca Fraser-Thill joins us to talk about career choices for grandfathers and anyone in their middle years. Rebecca and I review some of the myths and old perceptions of changing jobs once you hit your late 40s and older.

I bring up how the old model was finding a position or organization that you tolerated and hopefully enjoyed and then riding that job out to retirement.

With today’s information economy, the reduction in time spent at an organization or job may be a bit shocking.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the length of time depends on age and position, but for employees aged 55 to 64, the average time on the job is 9.9 years. Workers in management, professional, and related occupations had the highest median tenure of 4.9 years.

There is no doubt that as we get older, we tend to stay where we are for more extended periods for various reasons. HOWEVER, fear of not finding work that ignites our passion and purpose should not stop us from moving to another organization or a new career.

If changing organizations or career paths is not for you, check out Rebecca’s guide on JOB CRAFTING (located on Rebecca’s website). Rebecca talks about job crafting, what it is, and how to execute it successfully. Rebecca also discusses the success that many of her clients have had with working with their managers and organizations to reframe their clients’ type of work.

Be sure to check out Rebecca’s website for great resources and insights about creating fulfilling work. Rebecca also has excellent tips for engaging in coaching while transitioning to another organization or career.

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EP – 66 Grandparents and Meaningful Traditions

Our conversation with Rebecca Fraser-Thill

Rebecca Fraser-Thill joins us to talk about grandfathers, multi-generational relationships, and the importance of traditions within the family. We are introduced to Rebecca’s grandfather, Raymond Green, who lived about a half-hour from Rebecca. Although Rebecca talks about having a stronger bond with her grandmother, Raymond played an essential role in her life. They both enjoyed feeding the birds, spending the night at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house, and being silly together.

We then talk about Rebecca’s relationship between her children and her father. Rebecca shares how her daughter pulls out characteristics of her father that he usually does not let out so much. Rebecca’s son and her father share many characteristic traits, such as becoming very focused on technical and engineering challenges.

Towards the end of our conversation, Rebecca and I discuss the role of traditions within the family. Some of the many benefits that family traditions have are:

  1. A sense of belonging
  2. Creating and re-enforcing identity
  3. Creates stability and expectations within the family
  4. Develops positive emotions among the participants
  5. It is useful in creating multi-generational memories and bonds


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Click HERE for the book we discussed, “In Good Faith: Secular Parenting in a Religious World.”

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