EP 9 – Rodney’s Appalachian Grandpa Shares Lessons That Last a Life Time

Rodney shares awesome stories about growing up the grandson of an Appalachian farmer. In our conversation, Rodney discussed powerful lessons that his grandfather shared with him about literally walking away from a bad situation.  We also learn where Rodney’s love of woodcarving and folk art started. The conversation wraps up with an important conversation about how the example of a grandson can impact the thoughts and behavior of a grandfather leading to more tolerance and respect.

Be sure to check out the following links to learn about the ISDA – International Sonoran Desert Alliance (https://www.isdanet.org/) The John C. Campbell Folk School (https://www.folkschool.org/) and Rodney’s Woodworking site (https://www.facebook.com/DarkHollowWoodworking/). Learning about these important organizations is well worth the few minutes it takes to click on the above links. Oh, and Rodney’s woodworking is out of this world.