EP – 118 My Journey to Publish

Our Conversation with Nathan Andersen (Anders Roseberg)

The Cool Grandpa Podcast

This conversation is with my good friend and publishing expert, Nathan Andersen. I take the first part of this conversation to review and share how I came up with the idea for my children’s book, My Grandpa’s Grandpa.

As our discussion progressed, Nathan started to ask me questions about my experience with him and his company, Babooky. Between the two of us, we share a lot of great information for the first-time author who may be writing a children’s book, a young adult book, a fictional book, or a non-fiction book.

The biggest takeaway Nathan and I want you to know are that you need to start writing no matter the genre. Once you are writing or entering ‘the current’ of the writing and publishing process, you will find people like Nathan, an agent, or someone else who can guide you to your next step.

If you think you have a book or story in you, get in the game and get started today!

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