EP – 94 Kinoo

Our conversation with Jim Marggaff

Jim Marggaff joins the conversation this week to talk about his latest company, Kinoo. Kinoo is an interactive application specifically designed to increase multigenerational relations when there is a distance between the young ones and the, let’s say, more seasoned ones.

If Jim’s name doesn’t ring a bell right off, that’s okay, but I bet you know of at least one of the companies he has either started or has been part of. Jim is the founder and voice of LeapPad Learning System. Jim also was behind Livescribe Smartpen. You could say that since leaving college, Jim has been passionate about using technology to help teach problem-solving AND enhance connections through the use of technology.

In our conversation, we talked about Jim’s pursuit of solving problems and how he has worked through a process of keeping a ‘problem reservoir’ with at least three problems. The ‘problem reservoir’ is a mental bucket that you ponder and think about a problem and work up a solution in your mind before putting pen to paper. Jim shares with us how using this method, his son, Blake, was able to win the annual Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)

We then start discussing Jim’s current company, Kinoo. Kinoo is no ordinary screen time app for children, it uses a combination of physical interactions mixed with problem-solving to engage youngsters. By incorporating the wand into the fun, children stay focused and active 10x longer than a typical phone or video call.

Jim has once again gathered experts to create a unique experience that allows grandparents and others to gamify the problem-solving experience for young children. The activities available on Kinoo range from the typical memory-style interactions to a fishing simulation and even baking. Grandparents and other adults love Kinoo because it does keep the young ones engaged in play and conversation. The children love Kinoo because they are not just holding a phone to their ear or watching a boring old adult talk to them. The children look forward to playtime with the adult.


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EP – 82 Grandparenting on Purpose

Our conversation with Winn Egan

Winn and Linda Egan developed and shared their views on grandparenting with their friends during a get-together. They discussed how grandparents could be active participants in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. With more and more data being reported about issues around isolation, depression, and the like with teenagers, being an active grandparent is vital to helping grandchildren to become happy and healthy adults.

Winn talks with us about how he and his wife Linda took the basis for that gathering of friends and crafted those topics and experiences into the book, Grandparenting on Purpose. Join Winn and me as we talk about the fun ways grandparents can lead their families to grow connections that can withstand the occasional hurt feelings and miscommunication that can and do happen within families.

Winn also goes into great detail about how you can boost your interactions with the grandchildren to be ‘over the top.’ Winn talks about how these ‘over the top’ activities help create bonds that get the grandchildren looking forward to the next big family get-together or special event, like a special dinner before a school formal.

I am sure that by the end of listening to this conversation, you will be encouraged and inspired to look for ways to increase your level of connection with your grandchildren. That extra step forward in your relationship with your grandchildren motivates Winn to talk about and share his message of Grandparenting on Purpose.

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