EP – 104 Grandparenting 101

Our conversation with Richard Eyre

Richard Eyre is back to talk about a new program he and his wife, Linda, have created called Grandparenting 101. Richard was previously on the podcast to talk about his book, “Being A Proactive Grandfather.” You can listen to that conversation by clicking on the link below.

Linda and Richard have created a six-part course to help grandparents navigate this evolving role of being a Grandparent. Grandparents today seek guidance and support on maximizing their impact with their multi-generational family. With few books and resources available, Grandparenting 101 is a fantastic resource where Richard and Linda help to guide grandparents through important topics such as:

  • The Higher Perspective, Priority, and Paradigm of More Effective Grandparenting. (Examining the roles and priorities of being a grandparent)
  • Grandparenting Goals and Roles (by age)
  • Deep Life Relationships with Individual Grandkids
  • Smart Support (How and when to provide financial support)
  • Values and Faith
  • Being the Link and the Trunk (You are the link between the grandchildren and their ancestors)

You will enjoy listening to how the course was inspired and how it has helped bring together experts in this new and growing field of Grandparenting.

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You can listen to the previous conversation that Richard and I had about his book, “Being A Proactive Grandfather,” by clicking HERE.

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EP – 76 Being a Cheerleader

Our One on One

This episode is a chance for you and me to catch up. It has been a month or so since we last spoke. In this conversation, I talk about the critical role of being a grandfather who is a cheerleader for their grandchild.

I review the different ages of development and the various ways that grandfathers can be intentional about encouraging and cheering on grandchildren. Grandchildren at different ages need different types of encouragement.

As former guest Richard Eyre says, “Kids thrive, flourish, and blossom in the light of the thoughtful, specific, sincere compliments, particularly from grandfathers!” I couldn’t agree more. Grandfathers add that extra spark to a grandchild’s life when given a compliment and encouragement to do well at tasks they attempt.

I believe, like so many of our guests and experts, that grandfathers can act a bit like a seawall where our actions and words can break up some of the negativity that comes at our grandchildren. How a grandfather encourages and cheers on their grandchildren must evolve to meet the grandchildren’s needs. Our cheerleading must also be honest and provide truthful feedback. As the grandchildren grow, they are looking for mentors, like grandfathers, to encourage them and help them improve.

How are you a cheerleader for your grandchildren? How are you showing them that you are 100% on their side? Leave me a comment below and share your experience with being a cheerleader.


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