EP – 110 Tips for Storytelling

Our monthly one-on-one conversation

This episode is our one-on-one conversation for December. Stories are important, and stories shared between family members are doubly so. Stories shared between family members help the family identify what is important to the family and what the family values regarding morals and actions and our relationships.

Don’t get me wrong, not every story has to be weighty or full of moral lessons. Stories for enjoyment can be just as powerful in creating memories about a night around a fire or a kitchen table for the participants.

With this episode, I share a few tips that can help make your story time experience enjoyable AND impactful. A few of those tips are listed below.

  • Choose Stories YOU Like
  • Practice Your Story
  • Take Out the Slow Parts
  • Keep the Story Moving
  • Use Gestures
  • Avoid giving ‘The Moral of the Story’ Finish

You might not even need to tell a story by memory, there are some great short stories and epic poems you can read and share with the grandchildren. For example, I read the poem “The Cremation of Sam McGee.”

I hope you take some time at the end of this year to sit down in person or even over a video chat to share some stories with your family.

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Ep – 29 Root Beer Floats and Slush Funds

My Conversation with my old buddies Ted and Bob Reuss

Root beer floats and slush funds two valuable lessons that we learn about from Ted and Bob’s experience with their cool grandpa. In this episode, we learn about how Ted and Bob’s grandpa worked hard to connect with his grandsons.

The biggest takeaway from this conversation is how much my friends loved going to Malibu, CA., Oregon, Montana, and other places to spend time with their grandfather and have the adventure of a lifetime each year that they were together.

Their grandfather was open to just about anything and keep the rules simple:

  1. You had to respect
  2. You had to love
  3. You and to share

We learn from Ted and Bob’s grandpa that it is important to have a grandchild slush fund around for visits, fishing trips, and the occasional roadside ice cream binge.

You are going to enjoy listening to three buddies talk about old times, including a nickel poker game that almost ended up in my demise.

At the end of the day, we learn the important lesson that grandfathers have to make an effort to connect and nurture the relationship with the grandchildren. The secrete sauce, according to Bob, is to be relatable, be relevant and be passionate with your grandchildren.